Multiple Benefits to Preventative Maintenance

Periodical maintenance of your air conditioning unit helps ensure its effective functioning and reduces the likelihood of breakdowns and malfunctions over time. Unico Air can help you protect your unit by taking preventative measures that translate directly into monetary savings and peace of mind.

  1. Get the Most for Your Money
    By performing periodic maintenance you are essentially protecting your financial investment. For starters, the life of a well maintained air conditioning unit is more likely to extend for longer, and it is less likely to break down, saving you the cost of required repairs. Furthermore, as the unit becomes less efficient with time, energy costs rise. Keeping your air conditioner clean and well maintained increases its efficiency and decreases operating costs for you.

  2. Reliability, Comfort, Trust
    By utilizing the preventative maintenance services of Unico Airís professional, certified air conditioning technicians, you will be helping to keep your system running smoothly and at maximum cooling efficiency. Enjoy the convenience of hassle free service you can trust to keep you comfortable even in the hot South Florida summer.

  3. More Green
    A well maintained system is not only good for your wallet; it is also beneficial for the environment. Reduced energy costs mean less carbon dioxide, and fewer refrigerant leaks reduce pollution immensely.

Call Unico Air and learn more about how we can help you with your existing air conditioning unit!
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