What's in Your Air Ducts!

Does anyone in your home or business suffer from allergies, asthma, headaches, eye irritations, respiratory or sinus problems? If so the cause may be in the air that you are breathing right inside your home or business.

More than 70% of all indoor air quality problems involve the HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) system as dirty ducts are an ideal breeding ground. Over the years, dirt, dust (and mites), pet hair and dander, pollen, mold, mildew and other contaminants build up and can be trapped inside the ductwork of your home and business. This isn't just a nuisance, it's unhealthy!

Your heating and cooling systems blow indoor air contaminants include: fibers and chemicals from carpeting and fabric; formaldehyde and other chemicals from furniture; vapors from cleaning products; hair dander and germs. The combined health effects of these pollutants can be significant, especially on those suffering from allergies, asthma or other respiratory aliments.

Think about this, what you don't see can hurt you in many ways:

Your home or business air duct acts as a respiratory system. It collects viruses, mold, pollen, bacteria, dirt, dust, debris, and microbial growth that are hidden from view. This is not just bad for you and your family or employees but your ac systems efficiency as well. The heating and cooling industry has stated that over seventy-five percent of repair work needed on furnace systems is a result of dirty mechanical components. Reduced air supply can be the cause of premature failure of expensive air conditioning components. There are many service companies that offer duct cleaning such as: carpet cleaners, maintenance companies but ask yourself are they ac state certified? Do they really know what they are doing? Perfect example a car cleaner cleans your car but if your car has a mechanical problem would you trust him to fix it? Beware of duct cleaning scams if it sounds too good it is!!! AT UNICO WE'RE A LICENSE AND INSURED STATE WIDE HVAC CERTIFIED CONTRACTOR. OUR LIC# IS CAC1814920. WE HAVE OVER 20 YEARS OF COMBINED EXPERIENCE. WE BUILD HVAC SYSTEMS FROM THE GROUND FLOOR UP. SO WHO DO YOU TRUST WORKING ON YOU DUCT SYSTEM? DON'T WORRY WE GOT YOU COVERED JUST GIVE THE PROS A CALL AT 1 (866) 79-UNICO.

Services we offer:

  • residential and commercial
  • ac u.v light install or maintenance
  • ac duct cleaning, ac duct sanitizing
  • ac duct repair
  • ac duct installs
  • fresh air vent cleaning
  • ac coil cleaning
  • drain pan cleaning
  • video inspections
  • fire and water damage restoration
  • insurance claims
  • dryer vent cleaning laundry mat dryer vents


New Home or office space Construction

If you have recently built a new home or office, most likely there was quite a lapse of time between the completion of your home or office. There was plenty of opportunity for dust and dirt to have gotten in, along with foreign objects like Building materials such as drywall dust and hardwood floor dust these are the worst. Most filters are not dense enough to keep this type of dust from finding its way into your duct system. Some contractors will run the system while working for there comfort or to install wood floorings.

Most homeowners do not realize that dryer vents need to be cleaned!

Lint build-up in dryer vents is an extreme fire hazard
As you may know dryers produce very large quantities of lint. Most homeowners assume the lint trap catches all the lint, and all they need to do is clean it out after each load. This is Not True... It is recommended that dryer vents be professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Safety Recommendations

Many insurance companies are now mandating that dryer vents in condominium complexes, town houses and other facilities be cleaned and repaired if necessary, to reduce any risk of fire. In many cases this includes the replacement of white vinyl plastic coated flexible venting with metal duct work. While most building codes require metal ducts we recommend that you avoid using the metal foil covered flex types as well. Metal foil covered flex is a little easier to install but can reduce air flow due to its corrugated design and will contribute to lint buildup in the ducting over a period of time. Even worse, flex ducts can become crushed or curled up on the floor behind your dryer which blocks air flow and cause your dryer to over heat which can cause a dryer vent fire. The more bends in your venting the greater the reduction in air flow and more areas where the lint can accumulate.

Unico Suggest you to get a professional dryer vent cleaning:

  • If your dryer vent has not been inspected or cleaned in over a year
  • If you have a large family and use your dryer daily
  • If you have white vinyl plastic coated flexible venting. This is no longer code-approved and is a fire hazards see report on consumer reports.com
  • If you're dryer vent has thin metal coated foil flex venting. If crushed or left curled behind your dryer this will stop air flow
  • If your dryer is still heating but it is taking longer to dry a load of clothes (longer than 45-55 minutes to dry) not efficient!
  • If clothes are still damp or hotter than usual at the end of the drying cycle
  • If clothes have a moldy smell after a dry cycle
  • If the outdoor flapper on the hood vent does not open and close when the dryer is on
  • Unico offers dryer vent cleaning, bird nest removal, and dryer vent repairs on residential homes, apartments, townhouses, condos and duplex's.

Step 1: Introductions and Walkthrough

Unico does not sub-contract their work

Our duct cleaning process

Our uniformed technician(s) will come to your door and identify themselves by name:

  • They will present their ID card
  • They will answer any questions or concerns you may have
  • They will ask for the best accessible way to enter your home

After Introductions:

  • The technician will ask you to do a walk-through of the house pointing out the location of each register and where the furnace is located
  • Your thermostat will be turned up to observe a normal furnace cycle
  • Your furnace will be shut down while the duct cleaning is being done
  • Your circuit breaker to the furnace will be turned off
  • They will turn off the electric air cleaner if there is one
  • Tarps will be laid to protect your floors and carpets

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